Did you know that winners do not greet the judge without a valid reason and although lady luck does play its part in the final outcome of horse races, it is not an insurmountable part that punters who have insight and are prepared to do their homework.

So how many factors are there in horse racing?

I have pinpointed 13 that astute punters will use in their selection process. You may come up with fifty or more but these are the most accurate ones. These 13 factors have been explained in great detail to enable you to make a rational choice when arriving at your final selection.

Examples are provided for you of how these factors can affect the final outcome of horse races so whether you decide to form your own system or just select your horses through s series of elimination these factors an be used in your selection process.

There is no doubt that far too many punters lose too much money at the races and the information given will enable the average punter to stem the tide. You will gain a brand new insight into why horses win or lose which will help you to become a smarter punter

It is not the number of winners that determine how much money you will make in the racing game, it is the number of losers. So if you are able to reduce your number of losing bets then you will be in a better financial position at the end of the day.

So how much do you think it is worth to improve your punting skills? Some people charge an arm and a leg for their services and their clients still wind up losing. I’m not charging $100 or even $50, so how about just $20 NZ

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