Using tipsters to win

Using professional tipsters to select your horses for you requires you to put some faith into their selections but does have some advantages, namely that in instances when you do not have enough time to select your horses or do the necessary homework on the form or you believe that they can make a better job of it than you.

Whether you use the services of a professional tipster or select your own horses, the same basic rules of punting apply and the te main two are;

1-Never bet with money which you cannot afford to lose

2-Have a large enough bank in order to sustain you through a lean spell

There is no point in running out of money after a run of 12 losses because what will happen is that what would have been your 13th bet will come home at 12/1 and you will not have any money on it. These are probably the two most important rules of any sport where you are betting on the outcome.

Racing to Win in the UK provides is a service catering for UK racibng and you can find more info about them on this link;



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